Military Status & Education Benefits

Military Status & Education Benefits

Members of the Military have different classifications. Depending on your status, the benefits you can receive from the federal government also vary. Here’s a quick look at the different classifications for the Military:

Active Duty - Military servicemen in Active Duty status means they are serving the military full-time. Just like a civilian job, soldiers report to their duty in order to train and perform their job for a fixed period of time. At the end of the day, the afterhours are theirs to use as they wish. They are obliged to serve the military from two to six years. During this time, they can be deployed to different places depending on their mission. Soldiers in Active Duty can be eligible for educational benefits such as Tuition Assistance and Top-Up Benefit from Montgomery GI Bill-Active Duty.

Reserve - Military members who are part of the Reserve service can be likened to people who have part-time jobs. They train for the military while staying at home. During times of war, they can be called upon to join the Active Service. Reservists can avail of educational benefits like the Tuition Assistance and scholarships from the military.

Veterans - Military Veterans are former servicemen who were honorably discharged from the military after completing their service obligation. Soldiers who were discharged due to disability are also considered as veterans.

Retired - Servicemen who served the Military for twenty or more years and then retired are considered as Retired Military. They can get the benefits reserved for veterans, as well as the benefits of a Retired Military.

Military Spouse - As the better halves of the Military service members, spouses are also entitled to various benefits. They can apply for educational financial aids like the Military Spouse Career Advancement Account (MySCAA) or the Dependents Educational Assistance (DEA).

Non-Military - Non-military are the civilian employees of the Military. They do not go into training or combat.