Careers in Science and Math

Mathematics is both a symbolic language and a way of thinking. A universal science and a key component of a liberal arts education, mathematics is a critical tool for technological advancement and practical problem-solving in a complex natural and social world. The major provides training in logic and critical thinking, and helps students gain mastery of calculus, algebra, geometry, statistics, and computer programming. Graduates are prepared for a wide range of careers including teaching, computer science, engineering, finance, actuarial science, business, investments, behavioral sciences, and research.

Hundreds of career paths are available to individuals electing to pursue a science education degree. A variety of courses are available to the science student, and while a few of these are general science courses, most are developed to enhance the education of students pursing degrees in one particular field of study. Science encompasses the health sciences, natural sciences, and computer sciences. Each of these disciplines demands completion of specific curricula and often is specific to a career goal.

The Following Schools Offer This Program: